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Tommy Vinyard

Developer. Adventurer.

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Full-Stack Software Engineer leveraging a background in Physics and Astronomy to help solve the most complicated problems with elegant and intuitive software. Earned a certificate in Full Stack Development from the University of Texas at Austin, where I honed my skills in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Recently built the login and authentication of a MERN stack application that serves as a peer-to-peer marketplace for the rental of outdoor gear with industry-standard design and packages. As part of this three man team, I also helped design and build our application’s Front-End with React. With a passion for learning and growth, I bring an open mind and a hard working attitude to any team that I am a part of.

I am from a small town in south Texas of about 7,000 people called Gonzales, but after 10 years spent in Austin, TX, and I now call myself a legitimate Austinite. I attended The University of Texas at Austin and graduated with bachelor's degrees in Astronomy and Physics. I am an avid software engineer, adventurer, photographer, cyclist, trumpet player, UT football fanatic, and corgi lover.



Peer-to-peer outdoor gear rental. Built with React, Redux, Mongo, and Node


Find dark places near you to view upcoming celestial events! Built with Node, Mongo, Handlebars, and Auth0

React Google Books Search

Scour the entire Google Books Library. Built with React, Mongoose, Express, Node and deployed on Heroku.

Mongo Scraper

App to scrape a website then store article data and comments into MongoDB. Uses Node, Mongoose, Express, Handlebars, Cheerio

Rock, Paper, Scissors Multiplayer

Share the link! A Rock, Paper Scissors game built with javascript and Firebase.


Try not to click on the same image twice! Built using React.js.

Use the Force

A Star Wars themed word guess game using vanilla JavaScript


Leverage the Spotify, Bands In Town, and OMDB APIs from the terminal. Built with JavaScript and Node.js.


Help find your future best friend! Built with Express, Node and deployed on Heroku.

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